Contemporary Desert House

Sims 4 Contemporary Desert House

This two-storey desert house architecture is a contemporary style home that blends in with its off-the-grid surroundings. Located in a small lot in Oasis Springs world.

At the main entrance you can see a corridor which has access to most of the amenities including the dining room, kitchen, and small bathroom. The living room is quite cozy and offers a leather sofa.

In the second floor of this house, consist of a master bedroom, one bathroom, a study room which is open all the way to the corridor, and a balcony where you can enjoy the amazing views.

This fully furnished home has a lot size of 20 x 15 and costs about §124,000 simoleons. The place suitable for singles or a couple building their first home. Includes grand piano in the corridor, bathrooms with tub and washing machine, kitchen in walnut and gray island, TV, xbox console, radio in the living room, study room filled with furniture and appliances and more.

Created by: Livia

This creation requires certain custom content files made by modders. Items from TS4 base game and Outdoor Retreat. I used the following mods: BuildBuyMode Unlocker, MoveObjects on Cheat and Clutter Anywhere. All of the CC used are already included in the package.

Sims 4 Desert House Preview

Sims 4 Contemporary House Preview

Contemporary Home Nightime

Desert House at Night


Kitchen Overview

Living Room Appliances

Overview Sala to Kitchen

Living Room



Study Room

Ground Floor

Second Floor

Place all the CC package files inside the Mods folder and house files (.bpi, trayitem, blueprint) in the Tray folder. Both folders are located in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4. For more information regarding the process of installation, check out our guide.

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