Minimalist Container House

Sims 4 Minimalist Container House

This white house made from recycled shipping containers might look small from the outside, but it's not a compromise to live in. There's more than enough space for your Sims to move around thanks to the open layout room. You will feel at home the moment you step on the front porch. It has a functional kitchen, living room, and a separate bedroom. Primarily designed for a single person but it is capable of accommodating a couple. The structure is very simple and modernly decorated. Once you walk out the glass doors to the backyard, you'll want to spend your time out there, grilling food, swimming on the pool or lounging on the patio. To my fellow simmers who enjoy neat and tidy rooms, I hope you enjoy this minimalist lot.

Created by: Mony

All custom content or mods have been added in the download package. It includes decors, textures, wall textures and other objects. It is recommended that you install all of it to have the same exact house just like on the pictures below.

Container Home Sims


Open Layout

Living Room


Interior design

Backyard Patio

Swimming Pool

Step 1: Copy the house files (.blueprint, .bpi, .trayitem) at Documents » Electronic Arts » The Sims 4 » Tray.
Step 2: Place each .package files found inside the Mod folder at Documents » Electronic Arts » The Sims 4 » Mods. You must copy the files and not the folders.
Step 3: Go to your library, look for the house and place it on an empty lot.
For more information regarding installation, read our How to Install Sims 4 House Guide.

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  1. This is a lovely little home! Thanks for sharing it :)

  2. Anonymous3/29/2016

    It said system error! Does it have any requirement?

  3. Anonymous3/30/2016

    Soooo convenient for all the cc to be included in the package!! Makes it so much faster to install

  4. Oh my... Everything about this house is gorgeous... I love it so much! <3 thank you

  5. Anonymous4/16/2016

    Wow, this is gorgeous <3 I agree, it's convenient to have all the cc in the package. Thank you!

  6. hi there. i love your house but i'm can't get it to show up in my gallery. I've copied and pasted files into tray, i've unpacked all the mods and taken the files out of the file folders ad copied cover the individual packages, but it still wont show up. I'm on a mac, but other houses I've downloaded are doing fine. Any suggestions?

    1. You have to go to advanced when you're in the "My Library" tab and choose to show custom content

    2. Anonymous7/19/2016

      You have to click on advanced when you're in the "My Library" tab and turn on "show custom content."

    3. Anonymous8/14/2016

      When looking at the gallery page, make sure you are looking at the "Library" page and not "Gallery". :)

    4. Anonymous2/03/2017

      I did that and it didn't work help

  7. Anonymous5/10/2016

    basically it says that the house has stuff from the Outdoor Retreat Pack (which i don't have) and i can't put the house in the lot

    1. Anonymous7/17/2016

      youll miss a few decor but the house should still be available

  8. gimana caranya ? please help

  9. its an awesome house, but the couch doesnt work.

  10. Anonymous6/13/2016

    thank you this house so cute I wish it real in my life5555

  11. I downloaded it, i put house files in Tray and .package in Mods. I did everything like u said but i didn't see my house in my library :(

  12. This house is amazingly beautiful... But that is about it. It's absolutely not functional. Sims can't do basic things in it - like sleep, or pee, or cook, because everything is on the way of everything. Restroom door is set as main door for some reason...
    I tried playing this house, but it's just impossible. The only thing it's good for is taking pictures, I guess. Such a shame.

    1. Anonymous12/21/2016

      Have you activated moo on it
      You have to press ctrl+shift+c
      Then type bb.moveobjects
      Then it'll work because the house works finely on mine

  13. Anonymous7/31/2016

    Is it free to download?

  14. Anonymous10/16/2016

    Dit is het allermooiste huisje dat ik heb gezien, helaas doet deze het niet bij mij :(

  15. hi there! thank you for create this. cute home i ever have and so easy to download, all of the cc in one folder. doesn't need to download one by one. make my life easier. much love! plus it's free. yeayy!

  16. First, I want to say how fantastic this house is. However, I put all of the "files" in the Tray folder and when I went to go add the lot it wouldn't appear in my Library. Any thoughts?