Sims 4 Modern Wooden Cabin

Inspired by the clean modern style of Casa C├║bica, this compact dwelling originally built from a small shipping container can house a single or maybe a couple in The Sims 4. For some, having a small beautiful functional living space like this is way better than having a big house filled with unnecessary appliances and stuff your Sims never use. If you're feeling claustrophobic, you can always head upstairs to relax and enjoy the wide open deck enclosed by metal railings.

You'll be amazed at how gorgeous this tiny home look and how precise the selection of appliances to fit the small space available inside.

This residential unit only requires a 20x20 lot. It has one bedroom, one bathroom and comes outfitted with all the amenities you'd need to live well. For only §27,461, you can build this cabin in the world of your choice.

Created by: Daeron

Sims 4 Shrek's Swamp House

Who wouldn't wanna live in this cozy Sims 4 wooden hut? This swamp house is the residence of Shrek and his wife Fiona. It's basically a small house under a large tree root. As you enter the door, you'll come across the main living room, which functions as both dining room and kitchen. The house is surrounded with beautiful green trees and plants with a swimming pond nearby.

Other features and furniture include campfire, outdoor bathtub, picnic tables, and stairs that you can use to go to the second floor.

Created by: Akisima

Sims 4 Small Log Cabin

This small wooden cabin maximizes the space through a minimal design and an open floor plan. The log exterior walls give this home a stylish and rustic appeal. Extremely cheap to build, provides cozy living, and has all the basic amenities that a single sim needs.

The main space includes a single bed, dining area and kitchenette. This fully furnished and decorated house sits on a 20 x 15 lot and only cost §14,646 simoleons. It would be fairly easy to add another bed using the extra room to accommodate another sim. For under 15k, this is definitely a bang for the buck home.

Created by: Ineliz