Downtown Apartment Blocks

Sims 4 Downtown Apartments

A large downtown area with a full set of furnished shops including a bakery, restaurant, musical instruments store, photography studio, bookstore, wedding boutique, tea cafe, yoga club, beautiful courtyard garden, and space up top for multiple studio apartments. All of that in just one big lot!

Add this place into your selected world for only §810,792 simoleons. The design of the building is very eye-pleasing. The lot has an area of 40 x 30. Five fully furnished apartments with 9 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms are available for your Sims, along with a studio office and 11 shops.

Created by: chisami

No CC (custom content) were used in the making, but you must have the following expansion/game packs in order to fully copy this lot: Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat, and Luxury Stuff. If you want to play to this, I would recommend using the locked doors mod to prevent other sims from  going up in the apartments and stuff.


Asian Restaurant

Sims 4 Bookstore

Sims 4 Bakery

Gem/Minerals Shop

Studio Apartment

Music Store

Classic Restaurant

Garden Shop

How to install
You can either download the files from the link I provided or you can look up my origin id (thetussler) in the online gallery. For manual installation, simply extract the files to Documents » Electronic Arts » The Sims 4 » Tray. See the details from here.

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  1. Hi, just wondering how you get sims to live in the apartments upstairs? As far as I can tell you still need to have a home lot, which you need to pay bills for and the kids will come back to after school etc. Is that correct? Or is there some way to ONLY live on the retail lot? Any help would be appreciated :D

    1. I thought about that too. My fix is to have a tiny home lot (low bills!) and have them at the downtown loft apartment 23 hours of the day. My Sim who owns the property does not have children so that aspect is not an issue.

  2. You Know What???
    I LOVE..... IT SO MUCH.

  3. i cant seem to find it in my gallery even after extracting it into my tray folder... how to solve this?