Country A-frame Sims 4 House

The first thing you see as you approach this Sims 4 house is the A-frame structure that adds a unique style and accentuates the high ceiling of the structure. Once you enter the backyard, an open patio will welcome you in a peaceful ambiance. The refreshing swimming pool is the best spot to hold a family or friends gathering. Originally a small holiday home, it was reconstructed and extended to allow the occupants to make full use of the available space. I guess you can say that the basic structure is a combination of traditional country and a-frame.

Built in Windenburg world, it features three bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, among other amenities. For only §155,000 you can have this spacious 30x20 lot with furniture, decorations and all.

Created by: sharon337

Sims 4 Half A-Frame House

The architectural style of this residential house is not exactly an A-Frame, but more like half of it. Some people might even call it a lean-to. It has an interesting roof where the other side touches the ground. If you want a unique home for your Sims, this is definitely it.

The interior theme is a combination of faded and bright colors. It features a master bedroom located in the basement, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, painting studio, study room and a spacious living room. Tall windows give this house plenty of natural sunlight. A balcony can be found on the upper level, which also serve as a shade to the outdoor patio underneath. You can place this on a 20 x 15 lot for under §50,000 simoleons.

Created by: Maxi Sims