Shrek's Swamp House

Sims 4 Shrek's Swamp House

Who wouldn't wanna live in this cozy Sims 4 wooden hut? This swamp house is the residence of Shrek and his wife Fiona. It's basically a small house under a large tree root. As you enter the door, you'll come across the main living room, which functions as both dining room and kitchen. The house is surrounded with beautiful green trees and plants with a swimming pond nearby.

Other features and furniture include campfire, outdoor bathtub, picnic tables, and stairs that you can use to go to the second floor.

Created by: Akisima

No need for any custom files and packages. Everything you need to install this Sims 4 house is already added in the file, including Shrek and Fiona Sims (households). It is recommended to turn on "bb.moveobjects" before placing the lot to make sure the stairs are set in proper place.


How to Install Shrek's House in The Sims 4
Save the file into your computer by clicking the download button. Extract it using a program called WinRAR, to do so simply right-click it and choose extract here. Place all the content into Username > Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray folder. Here's a detailed written guide.

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