Urban Treehouse

This treehouse is suitable for nature-lovers who want to live a more self-sufficient life. While the rooms are small in general, it offers a simple, yet comfortable lifestyle and it has all the basic necessities that your Sims need.

This eco-friendly home is a whole residential unit that includes 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It can house up to 2-3 hippies. It's fully furnished, well decorated and available to move into right away. The lot size is 30 x 20 squares and only cost §68,977 to build.

The second floor has an extended platform that your Sims can walk onto and a ladder that leads to the garden where you can grow your own food. Below the deck you can find a pool, which is perfect place to chill out or exercise.

Created by: Sophia

Required CC - Must have mods. You can download all of them from HERE.
  • Liberated Garden Stuff, Liberated Plants 2, Clutter Anywhere by plasticbox
  • Unlocked Swamp Pack by Bakie

Also, you must enable the MoveObjects cheat and be in Build Mode before placing it.
Normally the visitors will knock on the ground floor bathroom door, so I'd recommend that you set the kitchen door as front door after placing the lot.


Platform Deck

Sims 4 Treehouse

Food Garden

Small Room


Top View

Minimalistic Kitchen

Small Living Room

Small bedroom

Treehouse Pool

Treehouse Night

It is recommended to install the custom content (CC) first before the lot files. All .package files must be copied into "Mods" folder, while the .blueprint, .bpi and .trayitem goes to "Tray" folder. These folders are located in this location: C:\Username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\. Follow this tutorial on how to install houses in The Sims 4.

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