Renaissance Library Lot

Sims 4 Library Lot

A Sims 4 community lot where book nerds, painters, writers, philosophers, thinkers, and playwrights would meet. The library's mission is to provide your Sims a silent place for studying and other learning needs. The overall architecture looks like it was designed in the 16 century during the renaissance period. It's classy and elegant!

A two-story building set in a 30x20 lot originally built in Oasis Springs on Vista Quarry lot. The estimated simoleons price is §174,000, which is relatively cheap, taking into consideration that it's fully furnished and decorated throughout. Other furniture and features include computers, easels, chess boards and bookcases.

Created by: Lhonna

This lot is a custom content free creation. Just requires TS4 base game updated to the latest patch. You must place the lot from 'Build Mode' (go to the vacant land and place the lot from your library). Also, Make sure to install the lot properly, as I used 'Moveobjects on' cheat.


After downloading, unzip the files into your Sims 4 Tray folder. For a more detailed guide on how to install Sims 4 houses and lots, follow this link.

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