Traditional Brick "Miracle"

Sims 4 Traditional Brick House

Unique array of modern and traditional style fill this house, wrapped in a rough exterior. Lots of glass windows and doors result into an equally bright rooms. Porches and balconies that have modern look. The garden is fully decorated and well landscaped. This residential lot is for a small Sims family. It features two bedrooms with baths.

It cost §92,564 simoleons to build and requires a total lot area of 30 x 20 or bigger.

Created by: BrandonTR

Unzip and place the files into Documents » Electronic Arts » The Sims 4 » Tray.

A view from the outside during night time.

Living room: Television, center end table and purple sofas.

Kitchen island with mini bar.

Spacious open plan home.

Rooms and baths.

A view from the outdoor, day time.

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